Holding it there, I felt

Holding it there, I felt
(Sophie Seita)

Desire for eloquence [instant]
expresso, please. No sug no mil no
time to ——————[indicate rush]
fish sentences. Tell then about
assumptions in that little ‘her’
whoever the Her is. Here is. Here is the
[quote own poem maybe that’ll help]
Brecht self-plagiarised, so good predecess-
or just hack on on on the keyyys. Like this
Can this be spoken?
Can this be read, as M once said in a supe.
Intuning MCClure. Lured in and out of
the peace meal mmh of spaghetti tomato tin (without
tin) garr lick onion which often sounds like o
in German mouths. As many things, German
has a man in its mouth. To lick off of. Busy and rarely

Busier. YOU out of all people HERE. Nein,
das glaub ich jetzt echt nicht!
Completely. ‘Completely’ out of the blue.
Must think why now not but
but get to the matter find this thing in mouth
which cannot name a thing turned in hands
standing in hall found under staircase,
not surprised not really not interested not
first at turning it thing,
silly of – yes – contact – now.

But thing is the thing found under stair case
in hall way held in hand turned seemed
relevant to tell to letter-write to the
who has not (hear) who has not been contacted for long.
Quite dark in the hall, 4 or 5 after, no light
lazy hand, just holding thing, which is still, or at first

not something, just it, just thing, just wanted to tell
YOU. Out of all people. Here! I cannot believe it.
How are? YOU! Yes, me too, dreadful, but you
know this is how it. Dark, yes. Isn’t it. Yes yes.
YOU. Here. Das glaub ich jetzt echt nicht. Also
wie lang DAS wohl her ist. Her not Her but also here.
Here is the ‘here is’ mountaineering in. Climb this

Perhaps completely. ‘Completely’ but felt this had to,
had to be said. Can this be said, said M in lure of him.
[why him? Was it not? No, not ‘her’] In reading ‘the said’ of some

Of one no thing. This thing then in her hands or his, to be
correct to —————-[rush this]
No correctness, no tact. No feeling.
Would say, as Germans would say: No Taktgefühl.
N’espresso? Instant. Orator. Feel it.
She is.

So I was standing in the middle of the hallway
standing there, not thinking anything really…

Real? This ‘little thing’? Process simple
looking, quite, as you know, can get quite
wasn’t really surprised or interested or quite
didn’t really quite. Didn’t really quite quit it.
So standing there – probably wrong. Surprised
little voice. But out of the out of the colour
that this now. That ‘know this now’ might sound:

So I picked it up. I know you must think
Why is she contacting me? Now.

Out of. Contenting the, yes, correct. How are
? Wasn’t even that. At first. First dreadful?
Later interesting. Maybe. Thought said:
Telling you.
Not really. YOU. Here?! I cannot believe it.
Will probably think. Now that’s a surprise for
so busy and rarely has time even to read

Why I’m writing this ‘letter’ to you.
I found this. Under the stairs.
Wondering if it was –


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