No Prizes.

New issue of No Prizes is out. Buy it!


Contents (description from Justin Katko’s facebook link):

No Prizes from ©_© Press! It includes: Lisa Robertson’s poem “On Form”; Sean Bonney’s “Letter on Time and Work”, “Letter Against Fear (unsent)”, and “after Rimbaud: A Foodstamp for the Palace”; translations by Lisa Jeschke of Thomas Brasch’s poem “Wer wohnt wo” and his 1981 “Acceptance Speech for the Bavarian Film Prize”; a left-wing activist’s anonymous account of being courted as an informant by the British police; two episodes from Peter Manson’s fiction “Sungrazer”; Sophie Seita’s poem “Quick Second—No Replacements”; seven poems by William Fuller; four poems by Amy De’Ath; an essay by J.H. Prynne on the poet Peter Larkin; an essay by Simon Jarvis on the poets Justin Katko, Keston Sutherland, and Timothy Thornton; and cover art by Rosie Curran.

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