new collaborative website with Anna Moser

Please check out Anna’s and my new website for our project ‘Talk between Nudes’, including film stills from our new video ‘Paper Dolls’, texts, images, correspondence, and drafts of our artist book ‘Aesthetic Failings, or A Dialogue’.

still 1

Talk between Nudes is a collaboration between Sophie Seita and Anna Moser that both enacts and subverts formal and feminist expectations through its engagement with unwieldy desires. It proceeds by way of exchange – through a frisson of correspondence, appropriations, improvisational acts, performances, and gifts in the facility of friendship.

Since 2013, Talk between Nudes has been penciled, inked, enveloped, folded, bound, unbound, and composed in the creases and collapses of words, lines, colour, shapes, ironies, excesses, and digressions. These processes work to uncover and stage under-acknowledged intricacies and contradictions in the material and performative labors of female makers.

Talk between Nudes probes habit, etiquette, expectation, discomfort, the uniform, the stable, the hopeful, the tragic, the melodramatic, and the aphoristic, through the sited interaction of textual, visual, and aural formats.

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