PEN/Heim Translation Award from the PEN America Center!

Thrilled to announce that I’ve been awarded a PEN/Heim Translation Grant for my proposal to translate Uljana Wolf’s Selected Poems, to be called Subsisters, and coming out from Belladonna in 2016 or early 2017!

From the PEN website:

Wolf’s globalized, border-crossing poetry seems uniquely disposed to translation while also presenting many challenges. Sophie Seita’s rendition remixes Wolf’s German-English mélange to create a translation that is at once new and yet also brilliantly reflects the original. (Forthcoming from Belladonna*)

they say: and another committee, i say: pffft seriously. and they clear the room,
disintegrated by my relentlessness. and yet i do not feel krank! unchaperoned, although it
doesn’t look nice. until the doors open and out onto the streets. i do not mean this locally.
elsewhere i do. they say: ten things changed in the mirror room. i say: ten faces you’ll
erinner soon. i know they are changing things.

Read about all the other great projects here.

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