new translation + pre-order of my new chapbook Meat

The first poem from my translation of Uljana Wolf’s selected poems (due out from Belladonna in  Fall 2016) has just been published by the Berlin-based online magazine no man’s land. Read the entire issue here.

My chapbook Meat can now be pre-ordered from  Little Red Leaves here.

Advance praise from the wonderful Brandon Brown and Laura Elrick:

“In Sophie Seita’s Meat, the witty rigors of the dainty butcher and are butchered (the product of femininity both cleaver and carcass seemingly destined to be sectioned into retail-ready portions). In the racialized and gendered economy of our atmospherically fractured colonial violence, you get you a piece of meat so sweet. Or not. Seita folds us in through the discourses we’ve been eaten by.”

—Laura Elrick

How do you translate the sound of a slaughtered animal screaming? What can you say in response to it? It’s in the gory domain of questions like those that Sophie Seita’s remarkable MEAT arrives. By addressing itself to whatever is forbidden the justice of response, MEAT is a long song of the double wound of victimhood—an originary violence followed by the structurally denied ability to speak of one’s being wronged. With Seita’s intelligence, incredible ear, and engaged life as a reader, she distributes her sources and resources musically. This book is melancholy and in precisely the right balance, but is always filled with extraordinary care: “I want to say things and feel them / this weak attempt at telling / not a verdict / just an expanse of caress.””

—Brandon Brown


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