Exhibition: A Century of Avant-Garde Magazines

I curated a small exhibition on avant-garde little magazines for the Cambridge English Faculty and Centre for Material Texts, on view on the first floor of the English Faculty Building, 9 West Road.

The exhibition includes print magazines associated with Dada, Modernism, the British Poetry Revival, the mimeograph revolution, feminist and contemporary communities, and a digital display of materials published on the peripheries of Conceptual Art and Conceptual Poetry, Language Writing, Fluxus, and many other avant-gardes. Moving away from a focus on the individual author or the single work, the exhibition emphasises the material richness and collaborative spirit of experimental publications and publishing communities, drawing attention to their innovations in design, typography, and aesthetic form, and to the collective work of editors, practitioners, readers, and other, often invisible, participants. The items on display are on loan from the Cambridge University Library, English Faculty Library, and private collections, while the digital materials are photographs taken in a number of archives, from the Beinecke Library (Yale), Fales (NYU), Princeton, New York Public Library, to MoMA, among others.

I will be giving a talk about the exhibit and my research in the English Faculty Boardroom on Monday, 5 June 2017, 3-4pm.