The Blind Man one of the NYT’s Best Art Books of 2017

The New York Times features ‘THE BLIND MAN: 100TH ANNIVERSARY FACSIMILE EDITION’ that I edited for Ugly Duckling Presse as one of the best art books of the year:

Jason Farago writes: ‘In 1917, Marcel Duchamp submitted a new work to an open-call exhibition: a urinal, turned on one side and signed with a pseudonym. “Fountain” was rejected, but Alfred Stieglitz photographed it for this short-lived Dada magazine, which mixed nonsense verse with editorials that asked, “Where Art is concerned is New York satisfied to be like a provincial town?” This carefully crafted reproduction, an absolute must for fellow Duchamp geeks, includes all two issues of “The Blind Man”; an associated Dada publication, Rongwrong; and an invitation to a Dada party I’d have killed to go to.’