Readings & Performances


  • 27 Aug 2017, 3pm: Performance at Arnolfini, Bristol, with improvised sound by r. karim.
  • 29 Sep 2017: Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, performance, Bold Tendencies, London, supported by a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant. Book tickets here.
  • Date tbc: Reading for Cardiff Poetry Experiment, in Cardiff, Wales
  • 25 October 2017, 7-8pm: ‘My Little Enlightenment Plays: A Performance Lecture’, for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, at the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, Cambridge English Faculty, 9 West Road
  • November 2017, date tbc: Hyde Park, London, performance with Raphael Sbrzesny
  • November: Readings with Uljana Wolf in Cambridge and Oxford
  • Dec 2017 (date tbc): Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, performance, Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge
  • Spring 2018: London and NYC performances of Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings (the third piece in My Little Enlightenment Plays). Costumes by Ciara Phillips (nominated for the 2014 Turner Prize).
  • Spring 2018, date tbc: reading/performance in Paris for Double Change

Recent readings and performances include:

  • 7 Jul 2017: Performance of Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings (shortened version) with Erin Robinsong, at Parasol Unit, London.
  • 27 Jun 2017: Reading for CB1 Poetry, at CB2 Cafe, Cambridge, 7.30pm
  • 25 May 2017: Bedford Room, Royal Holloway, 11 Bedford Square, London, 7.30pm: reading for the Andrea Brady symposium at the ICA, with Andrea Brady and Robert Hampson.
  • 9 May 2017, 7.30pm: Reading at Berkeley Books, Paris, with Jocelyn Spaar
  • Cité Internationale des Arts, performance of Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings (work in progress), with Jocelyn Spaar, 8 May 2017.
  • 4 May 2017: Masterclass for the Oxford Poetry Society, co-taught with Jocelyn Spaar
  • 1 May 2017 (Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio): Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, Research & Development Workshop, Cambridge, supported by the Judith E. Wilson Fund. My Little Enlightenment Plays (incl. Don Carlos and Les Bjoux) was long-listed for the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers.
  • 25 Apr 2017: Hi Zero Reading Series, Brighton
  • Berl’s, reading for the US launch of Currently & Emotion with Uljana Wolf, and Sophie Collins, 16 Apr 2017, video here.
  • Poetry Project, reading  with Uljana Wolf and Eugene Ostashevsky, 5 Apr 2017.
  • Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, performance, presented by NYPAC, at LaMaMa Galleria. With Corina Copp, Constance DeJong, Lucy Ives, Wendy Lotterman, Sophie Seita, Ada Smailbegovic, Jocelyn Spaar, Bridget Talone, and props by Emmy Catedral. 30 Mar 2017.
  • Reading and discussion with Uljana Wolf, at NeMLA, Baltimore, MD (25 Mar 2017)
  • Segue Reading Series, Zinc Bar, NYC, with Uljana Wolf, and Lisa Robertson (18 Mar 2017)
  • Poetry reading for ‘Entropics‘, a new reading series curated by Sarah Hayden, through the University of Southampton (Feb 2017)
  • Reading for One Day Without Us, a national day of action in solidarity with migrants living, working and studying in the UK, at Iklectic (Feb 2017)
  • Poetry reading at Queens’ College, Cambridge, Erasmus Room (Jan 2017)
  • Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, performance, NYC, Issue Project Room, with Corina Copp, Lucy Ives, Wendy Lotterman, Ada Smailbegovic, Jocelyn Spaar, and Bridget Talone. With props and set design by Emmy Catedral and a special guest-appearance by Cecilia Corrigan (Dec 2016)
  • Burley Fisher Books, for the launch of The White Review 18 (Nov 2016)
  • Hannah Barry Gallery, London (Oct 2016), for the launch of Test Centre’s innovative translation anthology Currently & Emotion (ed. by Sophie Collins)
  • SoundEye, Cork, Ireland (Jul 2016)
  • The Wash Bar, Edinburgh (Jun 2016)
  • Center for Fiction, New York (May 2016) for the launch of The White Review 16, video recording online here.
  • OPR launch, at Cabinet, New York (May 2016)
  • PEN Translation Series, at KGB bar (May 2016)
  • KGB Bar Monday Night Poetry Reading Series (Apr 2016)
  • Goethe Institute New York, reading and conversation with Uljana Wolf on ‘Literature and Migration’ (Mar 2016)
  • Ugly Duckling Presse studio (Dec 2015) for an event on multi-lingual writing
  • Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop (Oct 2015)
  • Philalalia Bookfair (Philadelphia, Sep 2015)
  • Saint George’s Bookshop (Berlin, Aug 2015)
  • Book Culture, for Cambridge Literary Review, 8/9, launch party (Apr 2015)
  • The Multifarious Array, at Pete’s Candy Store/Unnameable Books (Brooklyn, Nov 2014 and Apr 2015)
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark (talk and reading, Feb 2015)
  • Segue Reading Series (NYC, Jan 2015)
  • Unnameable Books, Greetings Reading Series (Brooklyn, Oct 2014)
  • WAVEMACHINE, New Haven (Aug 2014)
  • SoundEye festival, Cork, Ireland (Jul 2014)
  • The Serpentine Gallery (London, May 2014)
  • Page Poetry Parlor (NYC, May 2014)
  • Princeton (May 2014 and May 2013)
  • Buffalo Poetics Program, Rust Belt Books, Buffalo (Nov 2013)
  • Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, Cambridge (Jan 2013)
  • and several events in the UK, US, and Germany


  • invited two-week residency at The Guesthouse, Cork, Ireland (Jul 2016).

Recently curated readings

  • Readings in Cambridge: Corina Copp, Holly Pester, Jèssica Pujol Duran (Nov. 2016), Jocelyn Spaar and Kayo Chingonyi (May 2017), Wendy Lotterman, Caspar Heinemann, Luke McMullan (Jun. 2017)
  • Segue Reading Series, with Bridget Talone
    2/6 Liz Howard and Lanny Jordan Jackson
    2/13 Sandeep Parmar and Cody-Rose Clevidence
    2/20 Myung Mi Kim and Joey Yearous-Algozin
    2/27 Ian Heames and Kathleen Fraser
    3/5 Lisa Jarnot and Lara Mimosa Montes
    3/12 Aaron Kunin and Rae Armantrout
    3/19 Dawn Lundy Martin and Rosmarie Waldrop
  • unAmerican Activities, with Ian Heames and Luke McMullan. Readers included: Susan Howe, Peter Larkin, Abigail Child, Steve McCaffery, Allen Fisher, Wendy Mulford, Peter Manson, Sean Bonney, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Erica Hunt, Julie Patton, Holly Melgard, Wendy Lotterman, Mat Laporte, and many more.

Other past performances and exhibitions


  • Paper Dolls, HD video, 3:29mins, collaboration with Anna Moser, New York, Feb 2015.
  • Objects I Cannot Touch, commissioned and exhibited at Tactic Gallery Cork for ‘The Avant: Contemporary Arts Festival’, Jul 2014; and at Flying Object, Hadley, MA, for ‘The Royal Portrait Gallery of Hadley’, Mar–Apr 2015; at the launch party for para·text at The Montpelier, London, August 2015, and most recently at Bath Spa University, for MiX, an innovative conference about writing and technology.
  • as would (Nov 2012), after (Jul 2013), rare birds (current), in collaboration with Emma Stirling
  • as would, screened at Turning to Night, Le Petit Versailles, NYC, Sep 2014, Neue Töne Open, Stuttgart, Nov 2012 and at CineCam Short Film Screening, Cambridge, Nov 2012
  • audio recording of ‘just pick a line’ played with live drums by Raphael Sbrzesny at Neue Töne Open, Stuttgart, Nov 2012


  • Objects I Cannot Touch’ (audio piece), exhibited as part of ‘Monopoles’, an exhibition and series of talks curated by Emma Stirling and Yates Norton, at Ugly Duck, London, 28-30 Oct 2016
  • Performance of Don Carlos, or, Royal Jelly, at Company Gallery, with Corina Copp, Josef Kaplan, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Holly Melgard, Luke McMullan, Yates Norton, Jocelyn Spaar, and Emma Stirling. Props by Anna Moser. 22 Apr 2016; fb event here. The play has since been longlisted for the Leslie Scalapino Award for Innovative Women Performance Writers.
  • Group exhibit ‘Atmospheres’, Roof Books, 300 Bowery, curated by Emma Stirling and Yates Norton, 19 Apr 2016.
  • Extract from Don Carlos, or Royal Jelly, recorded poets theatre piece, exhibited for ‘Set Pieces’, at Dixon Place, NYC, Jun 2014
  • Talk between Nudes, staged at Page Poetry Parlor, with Corina Copp, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Anna Moser, Luke McMullan, Yates Norton, and Emma Stirling, Manhattan, Dec 2013
  • Talk between Nudes, exhibition with Anna Moser, at Page Poetry Parlor, Dec 2013
  • 3,4 staged at Page Poetry Parlor with Lanny Jordan Jackson, and Emma Stirling, Manhattan, 2013
  • Performed in Six Steps (by Emma Stirling) at Page Poetry Parlor, Manhattan, May 2013
  • Director and choreographer with Emma Stirling, The Music Box (by Emma Stirling), Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, UK, Mar 2012; The Vault, Edinburgh Fringe, Aug 2012

3,4 / Six Steps—with Emma Stirling, Lanny Jordan Jackson, Andy Sterling, performed in NYC, May 2013

^^^ TWO SHORT PERFORMANCES ^^^ — english biscuits — magnetism — whistling — anecdotes — ^^^ 3,4 ^^^ theatre in verse//an exercise in rhythm by Sophie Seita counting//song//control// abstraction//strictures working on// being only personally//concretely// strictly pre-recorded//adequately odd performed with Lanny Jordan Jackson and Emma Stirling ^^^ The Six Steps of Paradise Project ^^^ a rare audience with the leader of the spiritual movement Exodus immersive performed reading based on an interactive play by Emma Stirling performed with Andy Sterling and Sophie Seita

“3,4” explores miscommunication as a result of linguistic and inter-social failure, our overabundant interpersonal demands and social strictures, from desire, to performance, to an adequate description and expressibility of one’s experience. Interested in sound, rhythm, counting, control, the first part of “3,4” was performed live, in the second half, the performers held their last positions, and a pre-recorded German version of the piece played over loudspeakers. The backdrop of heavy curtains suggested conventional theatrical limits, but also the home-as-public, the effect being one of both intimacy and restriction. This spoke to the idea or habit of self-disciplining, attractiveness of trespass, and of the possibilities of making oneself vulnerable. I called “3,4” an ‘exercise in rhythm’ for its links to musical recitation, a performance score can be similarly activated in ‘playing’, but can also remain resolutely textual and readable, lodged in a conceptual frame that only theoretically instructs you to feel or do something.

Talk between Nudes—with Anna Moser, Emma Stirling, Corina Copp, Luke McMullan, Yates Norton, Lanny Jordan Jackson, performed in NYC, December 2013

First conceived as a poem, ‘Talk between Nudes’ is a satire inspired by Tamara de Lempicka’s early paintings of vampiric and voluptuous female figures, the history of the nude in painting, rhythm, operatic composition, Greek tragedy, melodrama, the masks of comedy, the languages and gestures of affect and irony, as well as the failures of communication between lovers. The piece is about 20 minutes long and was performed as a staged reading with selectively few props (tall card crowns, card underpants, a divan, a table) and some choreographed movement (the nudes getting in shape and position as models, to follow / please de Lempicka’s dictation). The excessive frights and desires of the characters were countered by the minimalist staging and the sometimes abstract, sometimes dated language. Blondie’s song ‘Heart of Glass’, played from a laptop, concluded the performance, over which the performers read comments culled from various song lyric websites. The play was performed in conjunction with Anna Moser’s and my joint show, in which we presented our six-month-long visual-poetic-epistolary collaboration in the form of drawings, texts, photographs, correspondence, attachments, and gifts. The event was followed by a discussion with the audience. A crucial formal problem was to balance—in performance—the disparate material and tonal shifts (of the script) from late-modernist fragmentary poetic lines, formal precision, specificity and artifice, to the humorous appropriation of clichés and literary tropes from early 20th-century plays and lastly, the turn toward Greek Bacchae material. The performers had to gauge how the essentially tragic situation of the trapped nudes in a ‘decorous parlour’ constantly under the supervision of the extravagant and neurotic de Lempicka would not be subsumed in surface comedy. Apart from the more direct dialogue with Anna Moser’s and de Lempicka’s paintings, the piece also has a fictional (and perhaps flirtatious) conversation with proto-dada plays, Guillaume Apollinaire, Jean Cocteau, Rochelle Owens, and Kathy Acker.

Talk between Nudes happened between
Luke McMullan: NARRATOR
Sophie Seita: DE LEMPICKA

>>anatomy doesn’t allow that<<

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