A short video about ‘My Little Enlightenment Plays: A Performance Lecture’ for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.


An abridged version of Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers, performed at Bold Tendencies, in Peckham, 29 September 2017:

Material from My Little Enlightenment Plays. This is an excerpted and edited video of a performance at the Arnolfini in Bristol, 27 Aug. 2017. Rhodri Karim (Uther Moads) contributed live improvised sound.

3,4—with Lanny Jordan Jackson and Emma Stirling, New York City, May 2013.

Video recording of a reading organised by The White Review and the Serpentine Gallery on Saturday, 17 May 2014, where I read with Holly Pester & Eugene Ostashevsky. My reading starts at around 2:32. I read from my new book Fantasias in Counting (a section from ‘3,4’ and ‘just pick a line’), and an earlier version of ‘Objects I Cannot Touch’.

Video recording of a reading for The White Review at the Center for Fiction, NYC, May 2016:

Video recording of a reading organised by Lee Ann Brown, with the late Peter Culley:

Objects I Cannot Touch—commissioned and exhibited at Tactic Gallery Cork for ‘The Avant: Contemporary Arts Festival’, Jul 2014; and at Flying Object, Hadley, MA, for ‘The Royal Portrait Gallery of Hadley’, Mar–Apr 2015; and at the launch party for para·text at The Montpelier, London, August 2015. Special thanks to Natalia Jaeger for her help with transitions and colour correction.

Paper Dolls, with Anna Moser, HD video, 3:29mins, New York City, February 2015. Film editing by Sophie Seita. Paper undergarments handmade by Anna Moser.

Paper Dolls questions the veracity of affective, gestural indexes by highlighting strategies of repetition, intimacy, and objectification in relation to the body. Performed in the guise of non-specific doll-like figures and staged in a sparse, domestic space, it also plays on the increasingly outmoded ‘genre’ of the tête-a-tête devoid of technological distraction, highlighting the contingencies of female companionship, boredom, and exasperation.

still 1

still 2

still 6


after—with Emma Stirling, as PRAIRIE DOG VIGILANT (line animation by Richard Braham), December 2012/July 2013.


as would—with Emma Stirling, as PRAIRIE DOG VIGILANT, November 2012.

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