Print publications:

Poems, translations, and other texts have appeared in or are forthcoming from The London Review of BooksBest American Experimental Writing (Wesleyan University Press, 2018), Lana TurnerThe White Review,The Cambridge Literary Review, Emergency Index (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2014), Currently & Emotion (Test Centre, 2016), Sure HopePaper Nautilus, Poetry Wales, No Prizes, New England ReviewunAmerican Activities, and elsewhere. In addition to Uljana Wolf’s work, I have translated poems by Simone Kornappel and Rike Scheffler.

‘Some Disintegrating Loops, for Raphael’, in Raphael Sbrzesny’s Service Continu 7/7 (exhibition catalogue) (Spector Books, 2017).

Online interviews:

An interview with me about My Little Enlightenment Plays and my performance lecture for the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

‘Conversation Smudging: Sophie Seita on Translating Uljana Wolf’, and interview by Zoe Brezsny, in Bomb.

An interview with me about my series My Little Enlightenment Plays was published by 3:AM in May.

Online publications:

An excerpt from Emilia Galotti’s Colouring Book of Feelings, in Pelt Vol. 4: Feminist Temporalities, ed. by Anna Moser and Ada Smailbegovic (Nov 2017)

Les Bijoux Indiscrets, or, Paper Tigers (Gauss PDF, 2017)

My translation of Uljana Wolf’s ‘Babeltrack‘ is an online Gulf Coast exclusive (Aug 2017).

My translation of Uljana Wolf’s poems ‘dancing double speech’, ‘speech, with a conjoined twin’, ‘second speech, with a conjoined twin’, have appeared in STILL magazine (Berlin/New York). ‘dancing double speech’ is also on the Poetry Project website.

My translations of Uljana Wolf’s ‘Mittens’ and ‘Stationary’ appeared in The White Review (March 2017) for their annual translation issue, edited by Daniel Medin.

Subsisters, a translation from the German of Uljana Wolf, which won second prize in Asymptote’s Close Approximations Contest 2016

excerpt from Meat (Little Red Leaves, 2015)

Last Movements, from Fantasias in Counting, at RETURN TO DEFAULT (2014)

Obscure Barbara: By Obscure Barbara: A Choric Wail for Two (with Luke McMullan) at Gauss PDF (2013)

annalogue on oranges, translation of a poem by Uljana Wolf, at PEN America  (Jun 2014)

three arches : böbrach, translation of a poem by Uljana Wolf, at PEN America (Jan 2016)

subsisters: lauren’s youngest sister…, translation of a poem by Uljana Wolf, at no man’s land (Nov 2015) and at New Books in German, London (Spring 2016)

Two collaborative texts, co-written with a large group of feminist poets, for a forum on ‘Sexism and Sexual Assault in Literary Communities’: ‘No Manifesto’ (pp. 221-232), and a hand-out from the NYC-based feminist collective Enough is Enough (pp. 201-203), Chicago Review, 59.1 (2015).

two poems, translation from the German of Uljana Wolf, at The Recluse, Poetry Project (Jun 2016)

short extract from Talk between Nudes (2013/2014)

Little Trauma, at Intercapillary Space (2011)

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